Will Purchase Win 7-64 Bit, Buy "For System Builders" or "Retail"?

Hello All,

I am going to purchase Windows 7 Professional – 64 bit for the gaming system I am building. When I am on the Newegg.com site, I am seeing two versions:

MS Windows 7 64-bit 1-Pack for System builders OEM ($139.99)
MS Windows 7 Professional Full – Retail ($274.49) (I don’t know if this is 64 bit)

I am building my own system, so I am assuming the “System builders” version is what I should go with?

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  1. Retail versions include both 32 and 64-bit media in the box. OEM is much cheaper, but remember that you can't move an OEM copy from one computer to another... it stays with the computer on which you first install it.
  2. OK, this makes sense. So if I wanted to install Win7 on my 2nd computer, the OEM would see a conflict?
  3. The retail copy would as well... if you were installing and using both computers. If you only activate it on one computer, then it should be fine.
  4. Here's the Wikipedia article on Microsoft Windows OEM licensing and there is a complete Windows 7 Edition comparison chart on the page showing the differences between OEM and Retail licensing for each version.

    There is a lot of information on the page.

    Windows 7 editions Wiki
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