1Tb VelociRaptor hdd vs 240gb hyperx 3k ssd which one should I get?


I was wondering which one should I get. The performance of the hyperx 3k for $199 is very attractive but so is the space of the velociraptor for $220.

So my computer is foremost a high-end gaming pc and I built it on a budget so my current ssd (vertex 4) is only 128 gb and is almost full with 21 gb left. It is for basic apps, os boot and has a few games on it and so i need to an extra ssd or hdd. But here is something to think about before I buy one or the other. I'm thinking about just adding in the hdd just for the heck of it and not ever worry about space issues at all, however I come from using an xbox 360 console with only 250 total of space to deal with managing games so im used to the low amount of space. I am concerned about the amount the heat the hdd would generate, the wear and tear over time but if all is well with the hdd i would take it over the ssd because of the added space. I play games for hours on end just to let you know if that would make a difference. Also I have a laptop I use for college stuff and a 2tb external hdd with pics, videos and backups. But again it would be nice to pretty much have everything on one computer except backups of course.
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  1. personally i will go with SSD
    afaik, any current generation SSD will beat even 2x velociraptor in raid 0
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    I am always going to say go SSD - yes, the raptor is the quickest consumer HDD you can select but the solid state drive is going to blow your mind if you have SATAIII ports on your motherboard and it's properly configured.

    I haven't used that specific drive (I am partial to the Intel 520s and the Samsung 840 Pros), but I still think that's the way to go. Considering the amount of space you're using on your current drive, I would recommend to install your OS & programs on an SSD (180GB should be more than sufficient, but 240/256 would give you plenty of wiggle room) and then purchase a 500GB (or larger depending on how much of your external you've used) HDD for your video/audio files. I have an 180GB Intel 520 running my OS and a 1.5TB 7200 rpm Seagate HDD with all my media on it. It's perfect - you can still use your external to backup your media for usage on your laptop, but you'll have access to everything on your desktop.

    The Intel 520 I have is like instant access to my files, but I always look at the cost at the time I need to purchase a new drive for a build - sometimes the Samsung 830/840 Pros are cheap enough to snag instead depending on my project budget.

    Hope that helps
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  4. @ AMD Radeon, wow thats crazy I just built my computer a week before Christmas and I've done a ton a research and comparisons but I'm still new to somethings. But wow I would have thought the velociraptor would at least had a chance lol. So I guess its the hyperx for me, the performance of the raptor is just not good enough lol.

    @ game junky, seems like everyone is for the ssd but I know the performance compared to hdd is like bullet vs arrow lol, just thought the raptor would have worked. So I will stick with the kingston hyperx 3k ssd. I found one on Amazon for $179 and I think its one of the better ssd's but thanks for bringing up intel because for some reason I never really paid any attention to their ssds. Also I guess I'll just continue to put unnecessary stuff on the external, I can work with that. I think, I'll use the extra money to help buy a metro data vac for cleaning purposes.
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