GTX 260 (Zotac): Way too hot

Hello everyone,

My graphic card is way too hot - around 65 to 70° Celsius when used.

It is a nVidia GeForce GTX 260² from Zotac, bought somewhat two years ago. I cleaned the fan a few minutes ago: Unfortunately, I was unable to open the case, so I used a small brush and a q-tip to get all the dust out of it. That didn't help.

Someone told me to use SpeedFan to check the temperature, and the results were:
- GPU: 66°
- Temp1: 40°
- Temp2: 52°
- Temp3: 81°
- HD0: 33°
- Core: 56°

There are several ways to cool my PC case which I don't use atm because I don't know how to properly install new fans, or which ones to buy. The case is opened at the moment. Just in case you'd like to give me further advice, I'm gonna tell ya' what I've got:
- two fan slots in the back
- one slot on top
- one slot at the side
(- power supply supports a big, noiceless fan facing downward)

I'd appreciate your help ;-)

Thanks a lot,
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  1. Canned air for noobs and as a last resort. Give it a good long lasting shot in the fan but be sure to jam it with your finger first so it will blast the dust out of the cooler instead of spinning your fan. If you don't the fan will act as a generator and will produce current.
  2. Ok, äh, I don't get it.

    Might be because English is not my native tongue, maybe you expressed yourself a bit weired ;-p

    Could you please explain it again in a few more words? I don't see what you meen with "good long lastig shot in the fan", and the complete first sentence.

    Thanks *g*
  3. In short just blast it for a few seconds. Jam the fan so it don't spin. You should see dust coming out the vent at the ports.
  4. Errrr, ok ... so you mean I should manually stop the fan (with a finger? outch *g*) and the dust will come out.

    I might try that, but I don't see why this should happen ;-p If I stop the rotating mechanism, where should the motion come from which would blow out the dust?
  5. Yes it wont hurt. Just take the card out and get the job done. It is easy.
  6. Done.

    Nothing happened :-/

    Took the card out to do so and held it fan-down to let the dust drop out, didn't work.

    Put the card back in, booted windows, started FurMark to push the temperature and fan speed a bit, stopped fan for a second and let it go again - nothing happened :-(

    Now, in another forum, I heard that 50° Celsius and 70-80° Celsius aren't unusual for nVidia, but during hot summer days, I find it uncomfortable hot in my flat :-/
  8. Now that's interesting to have the temperature confirmed.

    Furtherone and once I posted here - I have another problem connected with temperature. I'm living at the top of a house straight under the roof and it becomes very warm during summer time. The heat from the computer also inclines this problem and drives me mad. So I've been wondering for some time whether I should insert some more fans into the case to keep temperature cooler inside.

    But does this work? I'm not the best physicist on earth, I've to admit. In my opinion, if I lower the temperature inside my case, it won't get as hot outside as well, because of the constant heat exchange. But on the other hand, heat has to go somewhere out of my case and thus will stay in my room (yes, I know, I can open the window, but a) it is small b) insects fly inside c) it will be hot air which comes in because of the roof tiles).

    Any idea on that? *g*
  9. It will only help and you can leave the side panel off for better air flow which is what I do. I me self live on the top floor. TEXAS HEAT!
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