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Hello, I'm having a dilemma here.
I'm not so sure about the Radeon 4850's performance, I've seen videos on youtube and benchmarks from 2008 showing that 4850's in crossfire perform much worse than what I've seen on the $750 March 2010 SBM. According to other sources, the two cards perform at 27-30fps avg. on crysis @ very high 1080p while the SBM shows them performing at 35fps and 40fps while OC'd while paired with an athlon II x3 440. What gives? I'm considering buying these cards for the sake of performance, the 4890 just wont cut it for me. I can get the ATI 4xxx series cards pretty cheap in poland.
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  2. often times new drivers are optimized for an increase in performance in certain games for certain cards and ect, especially with crossfire, and there's been two years of new drivers since those benchmarks were taken.
    also, you said so yourself that the ones in the sbm were overclocked, that plus the drivers should account for the extra fps
  3. Yeah I thought it was the new drivers that improved crossfire scaling myself. I just wasn't too sure, guess it can't harm to ask.
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