Geforce 8800 graphics glitch

I've been battling this problem for about a year now, and I'm at my wits end. Almost without fail, about 5 to 10 minutes into any 3d gaming application (WoW, A.V.A, Combat Arms) I get really weird graphics glitches, where my computer is taking texture files and reskining objects. I may end up with crates skined with a human face, water that is gun fire flashes, etc. Alt+tab will reset the textures back to normal, but then within 45 seconds to about a minute and a half, BAM! there it is again. Sometimes, it also gets so bad that I just end up with a few flashing lines going up and down the screen, what ever sound that was playing becomes a half second constant loop. I've monitored the temps and all, my circulation is good, everything is supposedly as it should be. I found a thread online last week that im unable to locate again, saying that its most likely something to do with my mobo, and info getting jumbled up or something like that. Anyone having the same problem, or know a low cost, if not free solution to my problem?

btw: I've tried under clocking both my CPU and my graphics card, neither gave any better performance.

Intel Core 2 duo E6850 @3.00Ghz
GeForce 8800 Ultra
ASUS P5N32-E SLI mobo (4 gig ram instaled but only 3 being used, Windows XP 32-bit)
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  1. i've been having the same problems. Been trying to get an answer now for quite some time. maybe this will bump the thread up a bit for some fresh eyes to read and hopefully assist you (and me) with this problem ;)
  2. Do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ? also is it possible for you to test your card in another system ?
  3. ok, this is gonna be a lot of copy and paste, but i've dug around and dug around and finally found some solid answers.

    i found this somehow on Biowares forums. it has to do with a very VERY bad set of drivers Nvidia put out. I tried the solutions the guy offered, and im in my first 48 hours with no problems. will give further updates if the problem persist

    Ctrl+v here we go!

    "most reports demonstrate that the 191.70 bug persists after driver rollback"

    It could be that doing the procedure to clean out old reg entries and traces of "old" driver files before installing new drivers fixed it, incase its a registry corruption or old files not getting overwritten during install if you do a driver rollback. Most people just run the installer without even uninstalling the old drivers.
    I had stutters in Risen with the 191.07 drivers, but no corruption or anything in that or other games, but after I rolled back the stutters where gone in Risen. Alot of people are confirming the same thing about Risen and the 191.07 drivers as well.

    I read elsewhere its an issue with certain mobos/chipsets.

    Did some googling and found some posts.
    "Problem background:
    Since 190.xx series NVIDIA driver's internal resource manager is trying to precache thermal sensors information in the registry during the first startup after installation. This mechanism doesn't seem to work fine yet, under some conditions sensor detection and precaching algorithm can fail and store incorrect sensor type information in the registry causing temperatures to disappear till the ForceWare re-installation.

    Temporary solution:
    Until the problem is not fixed by NVIDIA, there are still some temporary tricks allowing to solve it. First, you may just perform complete Foreware re-install, this will also cause precached thermal sensor information to be removed from the registry and to be re-detected by ForceWare on the next start. Second, you may manually remove corrupted thermal sensor information from the registry and this way cause the ForceWare to re-detect it on the next reboot. To do it open regedit then search and delete all instances of RmThermalProviderInfo and RmThermalProviderNum entries in the registry. Then reboot."

    "There is some BIG problem, if you once install 191.07 drivers they do something wrong in the OS and even if you uninstall them and install older ones, problems remain.
    Problem is emerging all around the globe. This is no fun, serious situation. "

    "There is something wrong with those new drivers since a lot of people confirm either the BSODs or system messing. I have got two similar configurations, both Windows 7 64-bit - one is EVGA 780i mobo where the new driver seems to work corectly while on P5B Deluxe i got BSOD and completely dead system after, like most ppl reporting it. Finally i revived it with CMOS reset but for example HWDoctor stopped reading GPU temperature (as well as Sysfan and even nVidia monitor) and Win7 rating system test stopped working correctly. Reverting to 190.62 makes programs reading GPU temperature again, but rating is dead still. So it seems 191.07 conflicts somehow with at least intel's P45 chipset mobos."

    "UPDATE: eVGA has duplicated the problem and working on it.

    ORIGINAL: iride4u
    Let me see if I can help some users understand what is happening.
    1; This problem is only known to attack computers with Nvidia chipsets or Nvidia NF200 chips.
    2; This problem starts with the install of 191.07 WHQL drivers.
    3; Only some computers are effected so there may be some other common thread that has not been figured out yet.
    4; In most cases the computer runs fine for a day or two after the drivers are installed.
    5; The problems start out very minor and grow over the next 48 hours.
    6; Rolling back the drivers may help. Reinstalling Windows may help. Clearing CMOS may help.
    7; Changing parts other than the motherboard does not help.
    8; Replacing the motherboard with a non NF200 or non Nvidia motherboard cures the problem.

    Bad CPU, video cards, and memory are not part of the problem but can cause similar problem to some of the simptons.

    What happens is first a slight studer in a game or benchmark. The next step is your stable video card settings are no longer stable. But you can move the card to another system and it with at your normal stable settings. Your system will further degrade from here until it is almost unuseable.

    Cause: Currently unkown. Believed to be 191.07 affecting nvidia/nf200chipset.

    In any case the issues seems serious and some people endup having to replace their motherboards after their mobos turn into bricks.
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