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Hello guys i just see that intel sandy bridge processors and asus, gigabyte motherboard has already sold on malaysia so anyone from malaysia can purchase sandy bridge processors and mobo so please share benchmarks and performance of new intel sandy. thanks.
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  1. Yes they are available here. However, they are expensive!!!!! I'm gonna hold out and wait for review ... it's only another 3 weeks.
  2. Nope they are not expensive AT ALL. i5-2400 is most likely the successor to the 750-760 and it cost virtually the same price as those two. The only part that is probably gonna be more expensive is the new motherboard.
  3. Let's see . . . we could all send him $1 to0 buy the cpu/mobo and then he could benchmark it for us :)

    On a serious note, it seems like benchmarks will have to show up soon. If there was some sort of NDA, I would think Intel would be all over this. Since there hasn't been anything yet, seems like there should be benchmarks showing up today from the enthusiast crowd in Malaysia. ( I hope)
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