Strangest Problem -- Please Help!! Video Included

The Video says it all:

Funny thing is, the other day I got it working fine one time, and then I turned it off and it just started doing this again :(

This computer has been running rock solid for ages, I recently moved house (I moved my things myself) and since then I've been having this problem
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  1. Update: I have tried resetting the bios via the jumper, was wondering if my overclocking settings had finally given up. Still having the problem.
  2. That sucks balls. It makes the misery of my random freezing problem seem perfectly reasonable.

    Do modern motherboards contain circuitry to detect if a CPU fan is present or not, and to then switch off power if not detected? Something like that would explain the switching off, but I have no explanation for the switching back on.

    If it was mine I would hope that a bump while moving house had caused something to become dislodged / disconnected slightly. I would strip the PC down, clean all contacts with Isopropyl, put it all back together with my fingers crossed.
  3. Well a CPU fan IS present so that wouldn't be it anyways.
  4. That is strange. If it were me, I would breadboard it. It isn't random, there is a pattern to it. seems to be something it is loading before the video. The reason I say breadboard it is it gives you access to everything to plug up stuff one thing at a time to see what it is that is causing it. If you have your MB book then listen for the beeps as you plug your stuff in and it will tell you what is wrong or what isn't wrong at each step....really a process of elemination. Something in the bios is telling it not to finish the boot process. Something before the video is active. I don't have a clue as to what but this way you can have easy access to everything and if it does turn out to be the MB then it is already out and easily changed. Just my opinion. It could also be a combination of things with the move. So reseating everything may indeed fix it. Did you build it yourself?? Cool looking setup ya have there. What are your specs??
  5. Hey Jack,

    It isn't that impressive anymore since I haven't had the funds to upgrade it for a while, I'm still on the old chips :(. Its just a Q6600@3.6 and an overclocked GTX285 with a danger den waterblock. The machine hasn't been upgraded since the GTX285 came out.

    Anyways, I am going to the shop tomorrow to buy a motherboard speaker since I don't have one, I'll see what happens once I get it.
  6. I think it looks great.....GTX285 are certainly no slouches!!! Let us know how things turn out....I know the feeling when your computer starts acting up....drives ya crazy!! It's can know almost everything there is to know on how to work on computers till YOURS starts acting up and it's like you become an idiot...I know thats the way I am till I sit down and reason it out...but my first reaction is OMG OMG OMG CRAP!!! It's like my brain and my computer are goes and so does my brain. LOL
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