Weird: Nvidia gtx470 randomly crashes system (black screen or corruption)


I recently (about 3 weeks ago) purchased computer parts to put together, which went just fine. My specifications:

MoBo: Asus P7P55D-E
PSU: Antec EarthWatts 650Watt
Mem: 2 x Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz
CPU: Intel Core I5 650 3.20Ghz
GPU: Point Of View PCI-e GeForce GTX470 1280MB 2xDVI (relative LOW price)
HDD: Western Digital 500GB 7200Rpm WD5000AADS
OS: Fedora 12 64bit (Linux

In the beginning i had some problems with USB and PS/2 input devices, but everything became fine after a BIOS Flash update.
BUT sometimes, their was a weird thing that happened: the screen went black or corrupt (coloured blocks everywhere and some lines near the cursor) completely random and system hangs: sometimes at the beginning of a 3d-app, sometimes while rendering 3d and other times even when the system is idle.
If the screen goes black, the system reboots automatically after ~10 seconds. This appears mostly while ~idle (or 2d).
If the screen gets corrupt, sometimes the coloured blocks disappear, leaving the mouse but movable. Other times it jumps to black screen and you know what follows afterwards. This happens mostly while playing or starting games/window compositing (3d).
I also checked the temperature of the graphics card, and it don't become higher than 78°C, and the lockups occur even by temps of 48°C.

Problems occur about ~ 1-4 times a day. I also checked the log messages of the graphical environment (X11) and there are no errors most of the time, if there are errors, they are always different and only (not always) appear after screen CORRUPTION.
First I thought it was a problem with the OS, so I tried numerous versions (from old 2002 to very new 2010) of Linux distributions. That didn't make a difference. I also tried it in combination of 2 versions of Nvidia drivers (195.36.31 and 256.35), no difference...

My PSU has got enough power, I googled on the internet. However I was a little bit confused when I only saw one 6/8-pin PCI-E power cable, there was also some 6-pin P4 power cable so that I could feed my (2 x 6-pin power) graphics card. The card works fine if there are no problems (all recent games run at full quality at high speed)
Before I decided to post this thread, I searched around and found something that approached close to my problem: the ATI HD5xxx grey screen problems (my screen goes BLACK, not GREY, I don't really know what they mean by 'grey'): see,9529.html

Maybe I should test the other PCI-E slot in my MoBo or swap the PCI-E with the P4 power cables? I really don't know what to do... I'm doubting between the graphics card, of which the price was rather small (302 euro) and the MoBo (although it's a good mobo with the latest stable BIOS).

This is the link to the video of the screen corruption part of the problem:

Help is heavily appreciated,
thanks in advance,
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  1. Ok, I sent my card back for RMA and the manufacturer confirmed the card was broken (probably RAM).
    Now, I bought a MSI PCI-e GeForce GTX470 Twin Frozr II 1.28GB, let's hope it will do better...
  2. Hi, i've got the same problem here with my GTX470 and AMD64 Phenom under linux. The whole machine suddenly hangs. No idea what to do.
  3. Aison said:
    Hi, i've got the same problem here with my GTX470 and AMD64 Phenom under linux. The whole machine suddenly hangs. No idea what to do.


    Can you describe a little more about your problem, such as:
    - (more) specs
    - at what point it hangs
    - how to reproduce the problem (if not random)
    - what happens exactly (e.g. "it hangs and automatically reboots" or "there appears a black screen"
    - did you assemble the computer by yourself
    - ...

    Then I can maybe help you.
  4. Hi there, I seem to be experiencing a similar issue with my system although I am unsure of the source of my problem. I am not knowledgeable of the inner workings of computers, but I have done some fishing around to find out what's wrong and I can't seem to find a post that states what the actual problem is.

    I purchased a GTX 470, 2 hanns g 28" hdmi monitors, and a new 750 watt power supply from corsair to upgrade my gaming/pro tools experience in December as well as a new tower to fit everything and 4 fans to keep everything cool. In January, I began experiencing some issues with my monitor going black and the "no signal input, check video cable" sign popping up. Then my com would crash and I would have to push the power button to power it down and then turn it back on. It would tell me that windows had recovered from an unexpected shutdown when it booted up. Sometimes it works for a day or two without this happening, but sometimes it will happen over and over again for hours. I found some posts in hanns g forums about their monitors having faulty wiring. I was going to contact them because i figured the monitors I had purchased must be to blame, but then my screen went black, and the computer restarted without me having to do a hard reset. When it booted up, it asked me if I wanted to check for a solution to my problem. I did and it told me a graphics driver stopped working properly. So I went to the nvidia site and downloaded and installed the most recent driver update. I still experience the crashes though with the "graphics display driver stopped working properly" sign. I then uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them but still having same problem. I'm not sure whether to contact hanns G because I'm not sure if it's actually a problem with the monitors, or if it's the graphics card or even the motherboard which I've also read can be the issue. Anyway here is my system's specs

    Hewlett- Packard model a6658f

    processor; intel core 2 quad cpu Q6600 A 2.4 ghz 2.4 ghz
    RAM 6.00 GB
    Window's Vista 64 bit OS
    Motherobard from pegatron (i don't know how to check specifics about my motherboard)

    Nvidia GTX 470 graphics card
    750 watt corsair power supply.

    If there is any more info I need to post about my system, I will if you tell me how to find it! Thanks a bunch.
  5. Right now, I don't find the time to give a good answer to your problem, but one thing is sure: My problem does have many similarities with yours.
    I don't know if I'm true, but I think something in our computer (but not the graphics card itself) destroys the graphics card gradually. I think it's the power supply, but I'm not sure. (I say this because my new RMA'ed card starts to have the same problem, but now less (once per 2 months) and with less artefacts.)
    And I'm almost convinced the problem doesn't come from your monitors.

    I'm quite convinced the gfx card is broken (as a result of ...).
    I would let your power supply been check by a professional to begin with. Then *maybe* the mobo, but I doubt that would cause the gfx card to fail.
    After those parts appear to work correctly, you can RMA your gfx card and replace it with the new RMA'ed one.
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