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So I have a Sandisk extreme 240GB SSD and I'd like to put it in my laptop, which currently has a 500GB HDD. I do have an external USB hard drive for data backup in case something goes wrong.

I don't have any windows discs around it seems, nor do I have a SATA -> USB cable. I was thinking of doing the following:

-Back up the few things that I'd really like to hold on to using my USB hard drive
-Restore the laptop to factory settings
-Take out the hard drive, hook it up along with my SSD to my desktop
-Boot from my desktop's regular boot drive, use cloning software to move windows to the SSD
-Move the SSD to the laptop, leave the old HDD in my desktop for extra space I guess?

Mainly I want to know if any of this is unwise or unnecessary, or if there's a better way to go about doing this.

Any confirmation / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Download windows(u r version ) iso file from Microsoft .burn to dvd. make clean install.Activate using u r key under laptop.
  2. To be clear, you would be cloning the laptop HDD to the SSD. There would probably be some problems if you tried cloning your desktop for a laptop drive. Also, I don't believe there is necessarily a need to restore your laptop to factory settings. You should be able to just clone your laptop's current drive over to the SSD and just use it from there.
  3. Sorry, should have specified that I'd just be booting from my regular desktop boot drive and using my desktop's windows to move my laptop's HDD's windows to the SSD.

    hytecgowtham, if I follow your method and get a clean install of windows 7 onto the SSD, do I have to worry at all about not being able to find the appropriate drivers for my laptop's hardware?
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    Take out your laptop's hdd.
    Connect it to your desktop (either internally or through use of hdd caddy or usb enclosure).
    Connect the ssd to your desktop too.
    Clone the disk. I would suggest Acronis True Image software. When cloning if you are offered the option of copying the disk signature, select No (*).
    Put the ssd in the laptop and boot, Voila!
    Put the old hdd inside an usb enclosure and use it extra space for your laptop if needed.

    (*) P.S. If you copy disk signature to the ssd, later if you put the hdd in an external usb enclosure and connect it to the laptop with ssd boot drive, the laptop will refuse to see the hdd as it will have the same disk signature of its boot drive.
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