Laptop hhd to ssd swap problems-said i need drivers

I'm swapping out a bad HHD for a new SSD, created an image through Win 7 recovery and make a startup disk as instructed. So far so good. Go to recover and the recovery menu goes to the page where you choose to reformate and partition to match the saved image drive. It won't let me choose that option, stating that I may need to download drives to do this. This is where I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Terry :cry:
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  1. When you boot your PC from the System Repair Disc, from the System Recovery Options you should choose "System Image Recovery".
  2. Did all that . When it went to read the image, it could not find the "disk" and suggested that I might want to load drivers. When asked to partition the new drive to match the mirror image, I can not choose that option like I should be able to. My original hard drive has some issues and HP said it needed to be replaced. I think what is happening is that some of the necessary backup programs/drives cannot be transferred to the mirror image thus causing the problem. What I probably should do is just copy all my necessary files I want, replace the HDD with the SSD and reload up the OS and reload what I want back on my computer.
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