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I have an Onboard SIS Chipset Instead of a real Video card, If I buy a regular AGP or PCI video card Can I still put it on my computer?
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  1. As long as you have the proper port and a power supply that can handle the card you can use anything you want.
  2. I just Took a look and it doesnt seem like I do haha, But you know more then I do so Ill take a screenie and put it up.
  3. Alright. Just your motherboard or computer brand/model # should do though.

  4. Thats what my VGA cord Connects to which is whats confusing me.

    But Let me Reboot and grab the Digits
  5. Well that is the connector for the onboard video. The question is what slots the board has to add a real video card.
    If you don't know what motherboard it is then CPU-Z can tell you on the mainboard tab;
  6. Wow thats the best thing ive ever downloaded, lol. But Ive got an ASUS K8S-MV-V
  7. Alright, your motherboard has an AGPx8 slot. Not as good as PCIE x16 but much better than only having PCI slots. What kind of processor do you have in there and how much ram? Any idea what PSU is in the system?
  8. Ive got an AMD athlon 64 2800+ and about 1.5GB of Ram in there, and Power Supply is an ASUS S-25F
  9. And youll probably need to know this as well but im trying to add in an NVidia GeForce2 MX
  10. While you can probably install that card I don't think it will be a noticeable upgrade from the onboard video. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the upgrade? Gaming?
  11. Yeah Im trying to get World of Warcraft to run on this Compuer
  12. Alright, well, you can add a card but the problem is your processor is single core and not even a very fast one. Basically it isn't going to do well on current games. You can add a card but I think that CPU is going to struggle with WoW although it may be playable. There are few cards to pick from for AGP ports at this point and they are more expensive than they should be. This would be your best choice;
    Honestly you would be better off upgrading the system entirely rather than wasting money upgrading that thing. It really doesn't have to cost all that much to build a computer much, much better than what you have now. Just earlier I picked out some parts for someone else in a different thread so I'll just quote myself;
    Something like this would do the job;
    That total $233 before rebates and $197 after. Then you just need to add whatever video card you want.
    The processor is a x3 but the chip is actually a quad core with one of the cores locked. The motherboard allows you to unlock the 4th core in the BIOS. It isn't guaranteed to work but the odds are very good(80-90%.) The power supply can handle any of the cards I mentioned and is modular for a less cluttered case. The ram is 4gb from a decent brand and DDR3 1600.
    If you would like a case so you don't have to deal with swapping out the motherboards this one is serviceable and very cheap($23 shipped after the promo code);
  13. Yeah thats what I was thinking as well My processor is garbage, but The only reason I Figured to try out that Card was because I Constantly get This error when trying to play

    Can't Create New Surface
    Out of Video Memory
    This Program Will Exit

    And the video card I'm getting is free from a family member so i figured might as well take it and throw it on. Is it easy to replace a processor or is it pretty much permanent?
  14. Well you can try the card see what happens but I don't think there should be much difference in performance. As for upgrading just the processor your motherboard really can't handle anything that would make it worth the cost and effort.
  15. Damn, I didn't think I was in this bad shape Haha, Well Thanks for the help man, My eyes were definitely opened :D
  16. Oh! Sorry for the double Post But before We go can you tell me the best processor My motherboard can handle? Because I dont think im going to have any kind of money soon.
  17. According to ASUS the best your motherboard can use is an 2.2 ghz Athlon 64 3700+. Adding .4 ghz is a marginal upgrade and really not worth the cost/effort like I said.
  18. Well! I added the New GeForce to my Computer and WoW runs beautifly! :D No more error or nadass. Il lget the occasional lag spike here and there but nothing with the video card, Thanks for the help man
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