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when is INTEL halting production of the Core 2 series processors ?
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  1. Well, the socket 775 CPU's are a fab tech generations behind, and two architecture's old. If they haven't stopped making them already, they will be soon.
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    Go to this page and click on the CPU of interest, then on the left hand side you will see "ordering / stepping / specs" and click that.

    If the CPU is not longer manufactured, it will state "Retired and discontinued" at the top of the brief.

    You can do the same for the other core2 processors.

    As they are a previous generation then expect them all to be EOL soon.

    Once their supply of stocks run low I'd imagine they will only continue to make a small amount of "special" models - like those used for high end PLC / Scientific / Military applications.
  3. And the replacement market.

    LGA775 is still viable for small, basic computers even if it is nearly two generations out of date.
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