Atholon x64 6000 max temp

what is max temp before cpu shuts down thanks in advance
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  1. CPU should be under 70c. Your motherboard will do your thermal protection shutdown. ...depends on how it is set in the BIOS.
  2. +1^
  3. ^Whatever you set it at in the bios.
  4. Well, not necessarily. In bios you usually don't have the option to change cpu shut down temp. You may set the temperature that you will get a warning of but something around 120 degrees is set directly to both motherboard and cpu, which means if one sensor failes, the other one should shut the cpu down to prevent it from burning. In AMD cpus it has been working since Athlon64.
  5. Every board I've ever owned has had a cpu shut down temp but they have been high end OC'ers.

    Is it really that high for todays modern cool running cpu's?
  6. I guess so, at 90-100 it should reduce clock and at 120 shut down. Well, at least that's what I observed with my cpus. (Pentium D 920, C2D e4700), Haven't actually checked it with my 1090t but I guess it's not worth it. Oh, GF8500 actually never shut down, even at 120+.
  7. mightgonk said:
    what is max temp before cpu shuts down thanks in advance

    the cpu is a 3.0 ghz type x64 bit thanks in advance :pt1cable:
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