Intel dual core and new GPU

I am going to buy a new GPU for my pc but the problem is i have old processor Dual Core 1.6 Ghz . i am going to buy ATI 5670 .Can i play games on med settings at low resolution (800x600)
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  1. most games rely on the gpu so yes but post us some
    of the games you wish to play and the rest of your specs
  2. Majority of the games get CPU dependent at lower resolutions.. 800 x 600 is BTW an age old resolution and am not sure if modern age games support it.. The HD 5670 is quite a good card for resolutions upto 1680 x 1050 (game dependent again)..
  3. i would like to play games like GTA 4 , Crysis (med settings),L4d2, Far cry 2 .
    Full specs:
    Intel Dual Core @1.6 Ghz (OverClk to 2 Ghz)
    Ram 3 GB DDR2 667 Mhz
    Motherboard Intel G43 express Chipset
    No GPU yet (Ati 5670 in coming week)
    Windows XP sp3
  4. My monitor is a VGA monitor and maximum resolution is 1024x768 will that work
    Also , i used to play far cry 2 on low or med settings with the onboard graphics (256 MB) and used to get decent Fps (like 25-30 ).It wasn't that good but i cannot do frequent upgrades to my pc. By next week i am going to buy my GPU ati 5670.Hopefully By the end of this year i make another upgrade.And thanxxx for your reply
  5. Dude, with that card the only bottleneck will be your CPU, you should be able to play everything at 1024 x 768 with high details...
  6. i tried to play GTA 4 with on board graphic with a lot of lags , crysis used to be slow (around 10 fps) and far cry 2 was fine but now i am tired of that lags and upgrading my GPU .
    Can Overclocking help is this case.i used to run my cpu at 2.4 Ghz But now i am running it at 2.01 Ghz will Overclocking help when i install GPU
  7. Overclocking should help but don't expect much from a 2GHz clock rate.. I guess it'd still not be enough.. But you would definitely experience immense improvements moving from onboard to a dedicated video card.. If you can, try setting up a CPU upgrade also.. The C2D E7500 should be available for around 100$ and would be a handy upgrade over your current CPU..
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