W7 Dual DVI-D sudden glitch?

Hello all, first off let me start with I know alot of people have actually encountered this, some post's say its the GPU, some say its the DVI cables, but im fairly sure its neither.

I say that because before i moved places i was able to run both monitors using my two DVI-D cables without any problems. Now that isnt the issue, im forced to run one in DVI-D (runs 120HZ successfully) and the other monitor in VGA using the VGA to DVI-I adapter. I would be happy with just that setup but my monitors are the 120HZ LCD's ones and i'd really like to take advantage of that again.

Its just driving me nuts knowing before i had no problems, both monitors running in DVI-D ( dual link DVI cables ) @ 120HZ but now it seems like its all ass-backwards.

Has anybody encountered this problem and fixed it?

Things I have tryed;
- Uninstalling/Reinstalling display drivers
- Updated all other drivers (cpu,mobo,ect)
- Switched cables to ensure its not a DVI input problem w/ the GPU.

Also, if i try to run both monitors like how I used to, one monitor wont even fully POST, it shows the acer logo, will not let me enter the display menu and goes straight to "no signal" then turns off.

ATI HD5870
8gigs kingston hyperX
MSi p55-gd80 xtreme
hitatchi 1TB
2x Acer GD235HZ 120HZ LCD's

i tryed to explain all this in the least confusing manner as I could so if you dont understand something please tell me so I can further explain.

I will seriously cry if I can get both monitors to work through DVI-D again, please help my fellow amigo's :bounce:
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  1. First of all DVID is single link, DVI-I is dual link. Did the monitors come with its own drivers?
  2. mister g said:
    First of all DVID is single link, DVI-I is dual link. Did the monitors come with its own drivers?

    DVI-D can be dual or single link as can DVI-I.
  3. Yes, as monkey said it can be dual link as well, which is the current case.

    The monitors did not come with drivers but i downloaded the official ones from the Acer website.
    I never changed or uninstalled any drivers during my move, the computer pretty much stayed the same except now both obviously wont work through DVI-D.

    The only thing i can think of thats changed is i had to return my video card and got a new one, same type.
  4. Stupid answer: Is anything lose in your PC from the move? Also what happens when you plug in the second display right after you boot onto the desktop?
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