Crunching noise but not a HDD failure noise

So, I've noticed a problem with my HDD, well I'm not sure it's a problem at all, but whenever it's being written to (installing updates, software, etc...) it makes this crunching noise. It's not like the noise that hard drives make when they're failing, it sounds more like TV static or paper crumbling... It doesn't appear to be causing any problems but it does get annoying at times... So what are some causes of this and are there any ways to make it go away? It isn't that loud when I put the case on though, so not really a big deal, but I would like to know the cause of this. The HDD is a SATA-I Seagate 75.0GB
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Download SeaTools from seagates site and run a diagnostic on it.
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