How do they do this?

was just on newegg for a sec and saw this drive:

this thing is flatter than an SSD yet it is mechanical and it has close to all of the specs that a top of the line mechanical desktop drive has? trying to understand how that is engineered.
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  1. damnit...the link is broken. they must have a shellshocker link and it's just displaying that. it was a hard drive with all the trimmings, 7200rpm, 32mb cache, 500gb, etc. yet it was as thick as a penny(a few pennies) and yet mechanical? how?
  2. The height is 7mm which is only 2mm less than a standard 9mm laptop drive. I don't see anythiing out of the ordinary or extraordinary about the drive.
  3. hello, thank you, i'm not saying there is anything extraordinay obviously it's being mass produced....i'm just saying that i have not seen this before, and was hoping someone could explain how(mechanically) it is able to do what it does at that size.
  4. As technology advances, tolerances decrease to the point where smaller things are possible. One of the benefits is increasing the data you can put on a single platter. Typically a 500GB drive uses 2 platters. This drive only uses 1 platter enabling it to be built smaller.
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