Quadro or GeForce? CS5

My friend asked me to help him put together a computer that will primarily be using After Effects in CS5. Naturally, the graphics card we choose will have to be able to use the CUDA features Adobe provides. We're looking at the Quadro 3800 as a good fit for this. I know for a fact that much less expensive consumer cards like the GTX 480 have way more processing power than the 3800, but I'm not sure about what kind of features wouldn't work if we decided to not use a Quadro series card. Can anybody elaborate on the differences between the two? Many thanks.
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  1. get the 480... or 470... or whatever gtx 4xx series card.

    workstation cards are a ripoff and all of cs5's cuda features will work on the geforce
  2. Sorry, but AE does NOT support CUDA in anyway, just MPE in Premiere.

    In fact for his needs, get a cheap consumer card like the GT240/HD5670 and beef up the CPU, get plenty of RAM and maybe also an SSD.
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