HP DC5750 hangs, freezes

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I have a HP DC5750 dual-core with a GeForce 9600GT installed, WinXP. System has worked fine for about 5 months, but as of last week the system will run for 10-30 minutes before hanging and requiring a power down to restart. Other times I will get a brief blue screen of death that doesn't stay on screen long enough to read before it shuts the monitor down but not the CPU - it has to be manually shut down. I searched the forums and didn't find any answers. All help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. In recent times, have you upgraded any hardware or changed any software? What are the conditions of the system itself? If it's consistent with the time before failure, you might want to open the case and see just how dusty it is in there. I know a CPU fan/heatsink clogged with dust can, if it's dirty enough, cause these symptoms.
  2. Just wanted to say I fixed this problem, thought I would leave my solution on here in case anyone else searches for the same problem sometime in the future.

    I did go ahead and clean out the case, but when I tried to start the computer again, this time I couldn't get the CPU to boot. the motherboard light was green, so I reconnected all the different components on the mobo. Turned out when I unseated and reconnected the RAM, the system came back to life and I am problem free since. Hope this helps someone in the future, thanks to all who helped.
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