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Upgrading an i7 processor, 920 to 980X

I have an ASUS p6T Deluxe mobo with an i7-920, the i7-980extreme makes my mouth water, and I have the $. What problems can I expect if I update the mobo BIOS to latest (presently 1605) plug the 980X into the 1366 socket on my mobo, and press the Power ON button?
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  1. I would expect no problems as long as you update the bios.
  2. What kind of cooling do you have, and how high of an overclock are you expecting? Unless you have really good cooling,and plan on a very high overclock the 980 is a waste of money, as the 920 overclocks very well.
  3. Any particular reasons for which you want to upgrade to the i7 980X.?
  4. No problems. What OS are you running? Win 7 Ultimate seems to be best at handling CPU changes, in my experience.
  5. Go for it!!!, spend your money in the worst way :lol:
  6. Even for rendering/encoding apps that will see 6 cores, it's still a waste in my opinion. I would rather overclock the 920 to 4.6 wait for it to die two years later and upgrade. Would be a whole lot cheaper similar performance in heavily threaded apps, and better in 90 percent of the application/games out there.
  7. If you want to spend 1000$ on a CPU, then I'd suggest you wait for the Sandy Bridge socket LGA2011 "Patsburg" that will be release at the end of Q4'2011 and Q1'2012. It will be a lot better than the actual i7 980X. In the meantime, if you really want to upgrade, go for a i7 950. But still...if I were you I'd stick with a 920. You won't see any difference if you have a D0 version...both overclock very well to 4GHz with a bclk of 200 and a multiplier of 20. If you want to go higher, then go with the 950 that has a multiplier of 23. The only BIG difference between the 920 and a 950 is that the latter needs less voltage to run at higher speeds, which means less heat and power consumption for you.
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    You will see absolutely no difference in games and many other applications with the exception of benchmarks and rendering software designed specifically for a multicore platform.

    Get a good air cooler and OC a 930 or 950 to 4.2Hgz and you will be very happy with the money you have just saved. The 980X is only of real use to someone who does video editing and rendering because that individuals software can utilize the extra threads. 99.9% of the software we have can barely use 4 physical. cores efficiently let along 4 extra logical cores.

    You cant go wrong saving that 1k and waiting to see what sandybrige has to offer.

    For the compatibility aspect, as long as you bios is up to date then there should not be a problem installing and running the 980X. I made the same mistake here, bought it for gaming and did not see any difference what so ever.... I then turned around and sold it for exactly what I paid for it! Now im running a 930 OCd to 4.2 on air and couldnt be more happy!!
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