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Hello,my pc was just attacked by a virus. Removed the big from OS, but now the PC will not boot. It says, no bios installed. But I can get into the bios by hitting "delete". I need to reload my bios to fix this. Any advice?
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  1. Have you tried turning off the computer and unplugging the power cord and using the Clear RTC RAM (CLRTC) jumper to clear the CMOS? If you have then you may need to reflash the BIOS.

    Are you using the latest BIOS for the P4C800-E Deluxe?

    The last non-Beta BIOS released was Version 1023 on July 8, 2005. Available from here:


    You will need to use Afudos(2.07) or later revision to flash the BIOS. Afudos BIOS update tool V2.41 released on November 19, 2009 is available from here:

  2. OK, here's an update. I was not able to boot to ANY drives. The BIOS was failing either prior to or during POST. So the solution outlined by ko888 will not work. My only apparent solution was to use the E-Z Flash utility built into the motherboard. I was hoping that would kick in before the BIOS crapped out. During boot I hit ALT+F2 and the EZ Flash took over. Unfortunately, it proceeded to wipe out my old corrupted BIOS, but it did not flash the new one, which I had on a floppy, ready to go. Now I have a motherboard with no BIOS at all and my only solution now is Ebay, hoping someone is selling an Asus P4C-800-E.

    The E-Z Flash utility is a piece of (bleep). Do NOT EVER use this if you can at least boot to a CD or other drive. In my case, I had no other choice. So now I'm off to Ebay! Thanks, ko888 for trying to help! Much appreciated.

    Going forward, I will password protect my BIOS AND use a limited account when on the internet. Should have been doing this all along anyway-- my bad!
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