Which PSU is better?

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  1. Hello,

    What are your PC specs ? What is your budget ? Are you certain 380w is enough for you ? Between the 2, the Antec EarthWatts Green 380w is better.
    But if I were you, I'd have a look at these two :


    They're a bit more expensive, but they'll last longer. Plus, if your PC needs 250w at idle, you'll get the best efficiency possible.
  2. The Earthwatts but that doesn't mean its the best for you, need more system info^
  3. CPU: Athlon II x4 640
    GPU: Will buy either a GTS 450 or ATI 5750
    RAM: 4 GIG
    Monitor: 1900x1400
    Mother board: MSI 785G-p4
    HDD: Samsung 320 GB sata 3.0 gb
  4. The B in the BP stands for "basic". I wouldn't buy it.

    To size it, use this:


    To pick it, use this


    I'd really don't ever buy less than a 480 watt PSU.....most get 650's, ones with twin GFX cards get 850's or better.
  5. antec 380w is plenty for that setup. at total load 219w from the wall is drawn on a basic system with gts450 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gts-450-gf106-radeon-hd-5750,2734-13.html i have used that link for people so many times lately its ot funny.
  6. How much better is a 80 PLUS Bronze than a 80 PLUS ?
  7. a few percent-but its not really gonna be noticable.
    of all the ones recommended above, these are the best:
    antec ea-380d
    seasonic 520w

    no on the antec basiq series (except the 550w which is better than the others),
    no on the corsair builder series.
    and no on ocz
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