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I Have had this external drive for 5 years and i'm starting to wonder if it's going bad i ran test on it by using Acronis and sea gate software and it shows the results that it's 100% healthy but every time i plug it into the computer it say's right off the bat a partition needs formatting and if i choose format it says it can't find it i hear that most hard drives have a hidden partition on them anyway that contains drivers for the hard drive but even so it shouldn't be asking me each time i plug it up to the usb on the desktop to format it then when i attempt it it says partition can't be formatted could you please or anybody give me some input on this please thank you!?
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  1. External hard drive enclosures contain a PCB which handles the interface conversion from SATA-to-USB. This is often the first component to fail even though the drive itself may be okay. The remedy (if possible) is to remove the drive, remove the PCB from it, then fit the drive into a third-party enclosure.
  2. Phil22 is right the controller may be on the fritz and to blame, the solution is right.+1
    But if you take it out of its enclosure try connecting it to the Sata ports of the motherboard via sata cable and power cable to double check it is the cause of the problem and not the drive its self and then buy a new enclosure if you use it a lot for portability or transfer of you data to other systems.
  3. Okay thank you for the information how much do they normally run and where is the best place to go and get one or order one online?
  4. So would it cause it to loose or corrupt the data from the problems since the controller in the case is going bad?
  5. Sometimes, yes.
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