Where is the best online store to build a computer? Are the new intel i5 & i7 better than the athalons?
Many thanks to those who respond.
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  1. For gaming or business applications?

    NCIX has the option to select your parts and they will build it for you. If you are looking for a premium builder, then consider IBuyPower, Digital Storm and CyberPower.

    Intel is more expensive but tends to perform faster than AMD in most apps and games, but the best is to look-up the benchmarks for your favorite games and/or application for specific CPUs.
  2. These are some of the best online stores to shop at:

    In terms of performance the i5 quad core and i7 quad core CPU's are faster. BUT AMD does currently sell a 6 core CPU and it may win in some benchmarks depending on the test. Overall I think AMD tends to be a better value and Intel tends to provide better performance. Personally I didn't want to spend a whole lot so I went with the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black and overclocked it to 3.6GHz. It's fast enough for me and didn't cost as much as the i7 CPU's (at the time.. not sure what current prices are.)
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