Capacitor went KaBOOM!

My capacitors on my GPU blew out today but I already have a new GPU on the way. (Lucky me!) Im upgrading from GeForce GT8600 to HD5700, I was just wondering if i needed to upgrade me PSU due to the capacitor blowing up. I have cheked everything and seems to be fine with PSU and the mobo


Please and thanks in advance!

Ohh also i was wondering if i should still take it out and not use my Desktop (kind of hard not to i need my Solidswork and ACad for my ENR work)

P.S. Note to self, dont run Crysis and Acad at the same time

Thanks a buch!
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  1. Hmmm, do you know why the capacitors blew?
    Unfortunately, that's a crappy, overrated PSU. Most likely (because it is true of other members of that series), one of its vices is missing protection circuits. I would not trust it, even though it ought to be able to handle a HD5770.
  2. Well im pretty sure it was due to heat, and GPU usage. Soon as i heard that firecracker sound i turned off my Desktop and opened n saw all 3 of my GPU capacitor all busted up like popcorn :( Just my luck! It also doesn't help that that i was running Autocad and Crysis at the same time..

    Do you think I should turn on my PC? [prolly not] but I still need to uninstall the GeForce drivers when I install my new ATI card. And i wanted to get some work done.. lol

    Any addition help or info would be great

    thanks in bunches!
  3. Heat is a stress that will shorten the life of capacitors. If your 8600GT was a cheap brand, maybe its components were sub-standard.
    Using a PSU tester on your PSU to check the voltages might be a good precaution. Otherwise, you should probably replace it anyway. If you need one now, although they'll overcharge you, Best Buy has Antec and Corsair PSUs. AVOID THEIR HOUSE BRANDS Dynex and Huntkey / Rocketfish; HardwareSecrets, Jonnyguru, and HardOCP have found most of them to be among the worst PSUs you can buy. A couple of the Huntkeys DIDN'T explode under load. Most died violently, well under their labeled rating.
  4. No it was no generic brand, it was official Nvidia card. But 4-5 years of stress and i have do additional fans or cooling system to support all that heat production might have caused the capacitor to go KaBOOM! haha it was funny cuz my girl game in the room and like "Are you alright!" i jus gave her a sad look.. :D

    I have one coming in Friday, now i have to wait for 5 days to start my computer.. =( And Im pretty sure i can run Autocad on my slow ass Mac.. gurr I hate having computer problems lol. now how am i suppose to get all my work done! ohh sweet life of an engineer!
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