Windows 7 can't recognize SATA/USB adapter for my old hdd

I just purchased an Apricorn Sata to USB connector to connect a hdd that is full. I'm trying to transfer the files to my laptop. However, when I plug in the connector (with or without the hdd being attached) I can't find it anywhere on my computer and it doesn't recognize the adapter. Is this a power issue? A driver issue? I'm just trying to transfer those files over.
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  1. make all connections to the drive as required and plug it in after the drive has spun up- does it work?

    does it require a power connection?

    a link to the adapter you're using would help, it could be either a power issue, usb driver issue, or a dead adapter
  2. this happens with me to but i have a different adpter and im trying to do it on a laptop and how do you know if the hard rive is spining
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