My heatsink is missing a rubber washer

Just as I was about to set up my new computer, i notice that the heatsink only came with 3 rubber washers that you put on the motherboard. Is that going to be a problem? Its a coolermaster hyper n520.
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  1. Not entirely sure of the fitting but when you apply pressure to tighten the heatsink the rubber is there to compress rather than putting the stress onto the board so its better to have it.

    Also if one is missing as you tighten the heatsink the pressure will be uneven.

    If the bolts are screwed onto a plate they should be ok if directley onto the mobo not so good.
  2. yea there is a plastic plate on the other side where its screwed in. Went to radio shack and they didn't have anything like that so not sure what to do. But you said 3 should be ok if there is a plate right?Also what if i find one a different size would that work?

  3. If the screws go onto the plate then you could probably use none.

    I would say none is better than 3, a different sized one would be ok as long as you can squash it down to size.

    Another suggestion is cut a few little squares of duck/insullation tape, thread it over the bolt and screw down onto that.

    Basically if you can get it stable without damaging the mobo you should be ok.
  4. lol was just going to ask that if i can make a washer out of electrical tape if that would work
    thxs for the tip.
  5. A chunk of rubber band also works but it has to be a wide one. :na:
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