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CPU Overheating?

Hi, I have had this processor for about a month now (AMD Phenom X4 965BE) . And I've noticed that its getting up to like 59C in game. The max temp for this processor is 61C. I still have the stock cooler on it, which is VERY loud. I thought maybe it wasn't seated correctly, so I re-seated it. I really don't think that is it considering it is an AMD CPU and its hard to not get it seated correctly with the locking arm mechanism. I have two questions. Is 59C under-load to hot, and can it harm my CPU? And I'm thinking that I will need a new cooler because this stock cooler just isn't doing the job, what is a good cooler (without spending an arm and a leg) that will keep this baby at a decent temp? Maybe I think its running to hot because I'm so used to my X4 2.6 running @ 45C-50C in game....

BTW, I am VERY happy with this CPU and would recommend it to anyone on a budget.

Thanks in advance people. Toms Hardware is my go-to source for any problems I've faced. I also recommend this site to anyone with PC problems. Excellent service.
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    59C under load is fine with stock.

    CM Hyper 212+ will cool it down and be quieter.

    This will help fitting -
  2. If you don't care, what are your ambient temps? (in both F and C for others). It may be that the cooler is doing as much as it can in a warm environment. Try to cool the room down if you can. Open a window, or move the pc out of its current spot for a while to see if airflow makes a difference.

    It's winter in US (forgive me if your from somewhere else!), and I've shut the heat off to my "computer room". I keep it running boinc, and with a window cracked, it actually keeps the room at a normal temperature. They can crank out the heat during games and what not.

    I have a 955 C2, OC'd to 3.8 GHz. So I would imagine my CPU gets slightly hotter than yours. I used to have an arctic cooler freezer pro 7 that worked just fine. they are about 30 bucks on newegg.
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