My hard drive is making weird sounds.

I got a brand new 2TB WD Caviar Black, and every time I access data, install something, or even open a program it makes a very loud noise.

That is the sound it make, and I recorded it while holding my phone a foot away.

Is this just the HDD being loud, or should i get a new one?
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  1. Might be some resonance in your case. Try tightening up the screws or adding some rubber washers between the drive and mount. Let us know if that quiets it down...
  2. I've tightened the screws, but I don't think it did anything, except making it a tad bit quiter.
    I noticed that it is the loudest when the computer turns on or off.

    Also I don't know if this could be a problem/cause/effect/etc , but according to HD Tune, after an hour or so of use, the temperature of the drive was around 50C.
  3. That's a bit high, I'd RMA it and try something else...
  4. zdbc13 said:
    That's a bit high, I'd RMA it and try something else...

    WD Black, VelociRaptor and Enterprise series run much hotter than usual drives. For example RE4 (Enterprise) runs idle at 35 °C and under full load up to 59 °C (according to WD these are normal operating temps) - they go down to 29 and 41 respectively when actively cooled by a fan (about 35 CFM at 1000 RPM right next to the drive).
  5. I think it is not really a problem (in function), I have the same problem and the drive runs nicely.
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