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HDD is not recognized

January 4, 2013 8:17:33 PM


I had an error code yesterday after a reboot(although after some search it is supposed to be a ram case "error code: 0x00000074") and after that my win8 couldnt start at all...I installed win7 to a different drive and then I saw my 3rd drive is not shown. When I restarted win7 there was the Disk error check but still nothing.

HDD is not recognized in windows environment,not even in device manager. I tried the admin tools and the drive is only visible in driver management although the only possible option is Format and some other minor things.

Now for the funny part that I cant understand. I have 3 HDD one of which is in 2 partitions.

2HDD~1st partition=windows8 (which dont start)
~2nd partition=windows7
3HDD=Games(the not recognizable)

Since win8 was my primary and only OS at that time,this drive start first and the error pops in everytime(2HDD~1st partition).
If I press F12 to boot from other HDD one of them says "Boot failed insert CD/DVD-rom to boot" and the other just a black screen.
But when I select the unrecognizable drive it starts normaly the windows7.<-----How is that possible?

I tried to disconnect the 3HDD and I couldnt boot anywhere...and at some point there was a notice to get the OS disk and try repair(which didnt resolve anything).

How can the unrecognizable HDD make another partition start...I mean,is it cause the default boot Info is stored there? But then again why cant windows recognize it?
I thought maybe its cause of the connections with the motherboard?I mean is there any difference if they are connected to different spots?like sata1,sata2?Does the BIOS prioritize them?
Is the HDD dead? I tried to check for errors in win7 environment with nothing happening,I tried defrag with the windows tool,it run and 0% frag(i think it just did nothing),I could try to format it via the Drive management but I would like to make sure if anything else is possible due to the data loss.

Thank you in advance

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