Can not use TV as second monitor.

This problem first occured when my friend came over and we were going to watch a movie on my HDD on my HDTV. I recently upgraded my video drivers. For the first time, when I went to the Nvidia control panel and selected DualView, then I tried all of the other settings (stretch, clone, etc). nothing happened, no picture on TV.

After uninstalling all my video drivers and using driver sweeper to remove any traces of them in the registry or temp files, I reinstalled old video video drivers I know for sure have had dual view working before, but I still can't get any picture on the TV, monitor is fine.

I thought the port may have gone bad so I tried both the TV and the Monitor in each slot and they all worked, but when I plugged in two at the same time, neither had any picture till I unplugged one of them. I restarted the computer knowing this may be the problem, but even after a fresh boot with both the TV and my monitor plugged into my card, I could not get a picture on the TV, but I do have a picture on my monitor.

I'm just at a loss.

win xp 32, 8800gt 512,
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  1. How are you connecting the HDTV? Are you using TV-out, VGA, or HDMI? Is the resolution set correctly on the TV?
  2. DVI to HDMI converter attached to the video card, then a cable from that to the TV.
  3. Tell me the Model of your TV, and the manufacterer of the video card.
  4. 42 in Sharp 1080p, Nvidia evga 8800gt
  5. This worked perfectly before, I'm not sure that the hardware has much to do with the problem.
  6. Can you try a system restore back to before the new drivers were installed?
  7. no, it was too long ago. I only noticed the problem when I did, because I only do this about once a month.
  8. How about going to device manager and rolling back the driver to the previous one. However if it still doesn't work it's an Nvidia control panel problem.
  9. I completely uninstalled all traces of Nvidia control panel with the uninstaller plus Driver Sweeper. It is a totally fresh install
  10. From the CD that came with the card or the latest ones from the EVGA site?
  11. latest from the nvidia website. All the drivers I have ever used for this card have been downloaded from the nvidia website
  12. Go on the Nvidia Control panel and see if you can force TV detect off the multiple display menu.
  13. Also did you try the TV's VGA input for PC?
  14. I have not tried RCA from my computer to the TV.
  15. mister g said:
    Go on the Nvidia Control panel and see if you can force TV detect off the multiple display menu.

    I don't get what you are saying to do here. It detects both my samsung monitor, and my sharp TV just fine.
  16. Can you set the resolution for the TV to 1920x1080? Other than that if the control panel can't detect both at the same time I don't see why it shouldn't try to output two signals at the same time. It's what Nvidia cards have been capable of since I think like the Geforce 4 series.
  17. I tried setting the resolution to everything including 1080, and nothing worked.
  18. Can you try plugging the HDMI cable to another port on the TV? Also can you check that the HDMI cable is working properly, check the converter too.
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