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i have the coolmax 950 watt psu my case element v lets me put it in in like 4 ways lol!! what i need to know is on the back of psu where you plug the power into it does that part suck the air in or does it come out there or what does the fan part do lol im sorry i had to ask this.
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  1. A PSU exhausts hot air outside the case. So it blows it out the back by the plug.
  2. so there is a small opening on the bottom of my case that it can pull from but when it is in the desk it will just pull its own exhaust so should i have it full air out of the case?
  3. Not exactly sure what you are asking. If the PSU is a bottom mount then the fan inside the case should face up. If a top mount then the fan should face down.
  4. Ok it is a bottom mount but it has holds drilled in the bottom of the case so you can install it both ways what way would be the best atm i have it getting air from under the case but its pulling its exhuast back in should i put it the other wya and pull out of case
  5. I mount them with the fan up sucking air from just under my video card.
  6. What case is it?
  7. thermaltake element v
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