Unusual fan connector?

I salvaged some high power 120mm fans off of my old BTX system, only to find that they have a flat 5 pin connector, 4 connections with the far right socket empty. Im not sure what connector this is, and how or if I can connect these fans to my ATX computer. Anyone familiar with these fan connectors?

Thank you.
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  1. Yup, I figured it out, "5 pin" appears to be a proprietary DELL fan connector.

    Very very lame.
  2. "Delta AFC1212DE PWM 120x38mm, 148.34cfm, 51dBA" fans are expensive and powerful and I have 3 of them, so I might just bother converting them to standard 3 pin "black/red/yellow" (left to right). Thats is the plan, If anyone is interested in swapping their old Dell fans over to standard connectors heres all the info.

    I've read the color code is..

    red = +12V
    black = Gnd
    yellow / white = RPM sense
    blue = PWM

    female head part - - Does not include pins. I'll buy a few pin parts, heard they break easy.

    I'll remove the yellow red and black pins from the 5 pin header and solder them into a new 3-pin fan header. Do avoid inhaling solder vapors.. But anyway, I'm using a Scythe Kaze Q fan controller so a 2-pin header would work, but if I decide to use it elsewhere without the yellow wire or a fan controller, the fan will always run max speed because nothing can regulate it's voltage. If you want to max out a heavy fan make sure the Controller provides enough Wattage. The wattage is amps multiplied by volts. (must be 12volts).

    Hope this is useful to someone.

    Most of you know this wiring stuff, I just thought I'd add it for the clueless.
  3. Can i connect a dell cpu fan to a 4 pin connection on a newer motherboard.
  4. Please start a new thread with for your issue.
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