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I would like to build a computer whose case is less than 14.5" tall. Anyone know where I can find an online store that has cases this tall? I only have 14.75" clearance and my computer case can't be any taller than 14.5"
Thank you everyone.
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  2. There a few other meaningful dimensions that you have left out. How wide and how deep can the case be?
  3. Sorry about that. It can be 7-8" wide and 19-22" deep. But the 14.5" tall is max it can go.
    Thank you for responding.
  4. Scouring over the cases on newegg, it would appear that 14.5" is below the height of any micro ATX case. You would probably need a mini-ITX build in order for it to truly fit in the space you have. How powerful of a system are you wanting to build?
  5. 14.5 inches would be quite small. I think you should reconsider your sizes. Why so rigid on the 14.5 inch height?
  6. Have you ever has experience with Magic-Micro computers

    They have cases that are the size I am looking for but I am not great at configuring computers.
    I would like to get an i5 processor and a good video card (2 gig) and DIMMS 3 memory. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Merry Christmas.
  7. A rig like that would need a good big case for proper and decent air flow in it. Otherwise you may face heat issues.
  8. Perhpaps I can build a full cas computer and lay it in the side. Would that interfere with computers' operation?
  9. No it wouldn't interfere with the computer's operation. As mentioned, if it's a small space and you want a good graphics card and CPU, then make sure your temps don't get too high.
  10. Any recommendations to web sites that I can build a decent computer at a good price.
    I at least want a 2 gig video card
    folks on here are so helpful
  11. Newegg IS the site to order computer components from. There are no others that are close in price or customer service (in my opinion)

    Enjoy :)
  12. a 2gb video card? thats somewhat silly.

    you want 4gb of main memory and a 1gb video memory...that makes more sense!

    would something like this work for you?
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