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Hey all,

I have an AMD Athlon II X2 250 CPU with stock heat sink and fan. I have just started using Everest Ultimate to monitor my hardware temps and it shows my CPU is idleing between 45'C and 50'C.
Isnt this quite high for a CPU?

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  1. yes, what does your bios give you for temps ? You could also give HWMonitor a try.
  2. Ok thanks. Im not sure how to look at the bios? Ill try HWMonitor though.
    What sort of temps should the CPU be idleing at?
  3. Does your bios menu have a "PC Health Status" ?

    Not sure on a stock cooler, maybe 10 or 12c over your ambient...see if all the software agrees.
  4. Everest and HWMonitor within 2 or 3'C of each other. The ambient temperature is about 29'C last time I checked.
    How do I access the bios, I am a complete noob in terms of the bios sorry
  5. press "delete" at boot up.

    Is the case getting good air flow? at 29c, that would be your 10 or so degrees over.
  6. I have not yet tried looking at the BIOS, but today I tried setting up the HWMonitor Meter Gadget so I could monitor temperatures, but while setting up the program I noticed that Everest was showing my CPU was running at a whooping 62'C, this cant be safe?
    After closeing the HWMonitor Meter the CPU temp dropped back to around 40'C.
    Also in HWMonitor what do the 'TMPIN0, TMPIN1 and TMPIN2' temperatures refer to under the 'Temperatures' subheading of the motherboard as one of these gets as high as 92'C?

    Heres a screenshot of everything at the moment.

    As far as air flow goes, apart from the stock fans on the CPU and GPU (Gigabyte HD 5750), there is one exhaust 90mm fan on the back of the case. Im not sure of the actual case model but I believe it is a full tower case.
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    Max safe cpu temp according to amd is 74c for the c3 v. and 75c for the c2 v.

    With a gigabyte board I believe tmpin0 is your case temp, tmpin1 is your cpu socket temp and tmpin2 is your nb temp.

    If you could improve air flow in your case that would help, maybe add an intake fan to the front if you can. If you were to add an aftermarket cooler you would still want to improve case flow as much as possible. Try removing the side panel from your case to see if there is any improvement.

    Page 32 of what I believe is the manual for your mb, explains how to access your bios menus. Your screenie showed your vcore hitting 1.47. If your vcore is set to auto your probably being over volted, causing added heat. If your running at stock clocks (3.0) you should only need about 1.34 or so to be stable.
  8. Thank you for all the help and information. I took out the CPU fan and heat sink, cleaned all the dust off them and replaced the thermal compound. Now according to HWMonitor the CPU is idleing at 26'C
    I will be looking at installing another fan in the future though.
    I guess all it needed was a good clean :)
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