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I just got a new 5850 and installed it in my computer, whenever I play Starcraft II, it runs fine for a while then I will get a BSOD. I have tried wiping the drivers, and reinstalling them, and even the fixes stated online about framerate caps in the Variables.txt, but eventually it still crashes. I am able to run other games just fine. Could I need to return my card for another one, or is it a problem with Starcraft II. If so is there any way to fix it?
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  1. if all your other games run fine its a SC2 issue, check their forum for similar issues. i recall reading some people having the same AMD BSOD issue.
  2. Have you run Prime95 on your PC?
    Have you stress test your GPU as well?
    Also have installed the fixes to address starcraft 2 GPU overheating? Read below,10984.html

    List down the specs of your PC including PSU
  3. leon2006 said:

    Also have installed the fixes to address starcraft 2 GPU overheating? Read below,10984.html quote the OP "and even the fixes stated online about framerate caps in the Variables.txt" kind of answers that question already.....
  4. PC Specs:
    Motherboard: Gigabyte p55 ud4p
    CPU: Intel I5 750 default speeds
    Memory: Ripjaw 4gbs (2x2) at 1333ghz
    Videocard: Asus directcu 5850 default speeds
    HDD: Caviar black 750gb
    Caviar green 1.5tb
    PSU: CoolerMaster 700w Silent Pro
    Dvd Burner: Samsung Super Writemaster
  5. did you check out the blizzard tech forum?
  6. I've been viewing the forums for the last couple hours, but I can't find anything that solves my problem. I an currently running Prime95, and I installed the Catalyst 10.7a drivers. Waiting for that to finish and I am going to give it another shot.
  7. this thread says the new drivers help with the ATI 5850
  8. yeah, I read through that thread and they said it helped with the problem for a little while, but did not last. It also said to turn off the audio drivers for the hdmi port on the video card since I am not using them. I am still waiting on Prime95 to finish up, and then I will be set to test again. I will give you an update when that happens.

    What is the best program to run to stress test my graphics card?
  9. Your PC is new.

    Did you run Prime95 on your machine?
    You need to run futumark to stress your GPU
    You need to run memtest to check your Memory. BSOD is mostly related defective memory.

    Can you provde more detail about your memory "Ripjaw 4gbs (2x2) at 1333ghz
    "? What specific brand is that?
    You have to establish that you have a stable PC
  10. Well I ran Prime95 for 8:30 totally fine. Now im getting 3dmark to test my vid card. Then I will run the mem test.

    The memory I have is this.

    The ram is running at CAS: 10-9-8-25 1600mhz

    I ran the memory test on the ram, and it came up with no errors.

    I actually overclocked the CPU as well to run the ram at the proper setting. So now the cpu:3200mhz, core multiplier: 20x, BCKL: 160
  11. Have you tried ATI 10.7a beta driver? It might help,10992.html

    What is the temperature of your GPU when you play starcraft II?
  12. Quoting myself.....
    and I installed the Catalyst 10.7a drivers.

    The card runs at around 40C
  13. What is the GPU temperature at load condition? ~ 40C is idle GPU temp. Load temerature for 5850 should be ~ >75C

    See a temperature benchmark below,2585-15.html

    My 4890's run at ~72C when running starcraft 2. It varies from 70C to 76C during the duration of the game (~ 6 hours).

    Try to observe the temp of the GPU when you are playing(load condition).
  14. what is the easiest way to see video card temps while I am playing?
  15. hwmonitor, it will catch your high and lows so you can see peak temps
  16. I have seen users experiencing BSOD with SC2(With 10.7/10.7a driver),so try an older driver like 10.4/10.5 and see if helps
  17. with vsync on I'm getting around 75fps, and the max temp my card got to was 54C
  18. You can set HWmonitor to save the readings on a file. In that way the last temp reading when the pc hang will be saved on a file.

    I agree you should try older version...

    I'm using 10.6 but my cards are the older 4890s. I just included the variable.txt framerate clamps. No issues with my hard even on extended hours (> 6hrs)of plays.

    Starcraft on NVIDIA cards:
    I have no issues on the GTX 280OC as well. The 8800GT encountered rare hang-up before the variable.txt framerate clamps were set.
  19. After all this, now that I am running the game with drivers 10.7a. It seems to be running properly *knock on wood* at the same time though, I am using Vsync. Should I try running the game with vsync off, or should I not press my luck?
  20. i would leave it on
  21. Keep what works for your setup.
  22. Sweet, well thanks everyone for all of your input, it was all quite helpful. :)
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