What can I do with an empty VD?

I am aware this is a little off-topic, but here goes.

I recently bought a WD 3TB hard drive, and as I have some Scottish blood in me, I was not willing to fork out for a brand new 64bit version of Windows 7 which would allow me to boot using GPT. Nor did I want the hassle of re-installing absolutely everything to the new OS as I have built up quite a mass of Miscellaneous stuff, most with lost licence keys and the like, and so I decided to clone the disk.

This resulted in a clone using MBR, and as such only 2TB was available and so I set up a VD using Acronis TrueImage. This leaves me with pretty much 700GB of space, and I am at a loss of what to do with it.

Should I stuff on several Virtual Machines, perhaps parallel boot Ubuntu? Should I designate it as storage, alongside my USB 1TB drive? Prehaps install the Studio 64 package, as I am a semi-musician? It is driving me round the bend.

I am at a loss, any ideas are much appreciated!

Many thanks,
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  1. Just partition it, format it, and use it for additional storage/programs anything you want. Ubuntu is fun, you've got lots of good ideas. Just make a decision....
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