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Hey all,

Being scouring the forums for info on why my hard drive is running hot (53-60 degrees typically). The accepted answer seems to be airflow. I don't see how this can totally be the case because that drive is the only thing in the case running hot - my other hard drive sits at a comfortable 30 degrees most of the time, my core i7 930 is at sits at around 50 degrees, and the motherboard itself at about 35. (This is all according to Speccy). Any thoughts on why the one drive would be hot? It is a Western Digital WDC WD2500JS-55MHB0. Thanks!
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  1. When you first power up the machine, does the HDD temperature read ambient, or does it still read high?
  2. It reads high. I actually decided to open the case and feel the drive and it was not any hotter than the other one - just kinda warm. Maybe the sensor is malfunctioning?
  3. I've seen similar complaints in other forums. IIRC, there was never a satisfactory explanation, but the conclusion in many cases was that there was some problem with the sensor. That said, I don't know where the sensor is located, but I suspect that it might be inside the preamplifier on the head stack.
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