Suggest an unlocked core cpu for using Nvidia 3d games

Its been a long searching a best choice for 3D gaming.
I planned for i5-760, but the whole 3D setup is going 2 cost me both the kidneys, not even 1.
So i drop the richer's choise- intel.
Now eyes on AMD, unlocked core segment. Well if i get success in unlocking, big luck for a poor guy hehehe. If not, Hmmmm, i still get 3 cores for gaming (i suppose 3 cores can stil burn all games & on 3D).
Guys plz suggest me a good choice + mobi for unlocking.
I wish 2 keep cpu+mobo below 200$ (best if possible). Plz note that fps demand will b bit high for 3D. Also if u can suggest an Nvidia Gpu somewhat cheaper than Gtx460.
Somebody help out or i hav almost lost my hair.
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  1. I suggest relaxing.

    You don't seem to have enough $$$. Hoping to unlock cores, $100 for CPU + Mobo, needing something cheaper then the GTX460, etc. Do you even have the 120Hz 3D monitor? I get the feeling you are better off giving up the dream of 3D gaming and just settle for some old fashion kind. From the 3D rig you're looking at building, it will be more fun.
  2. Not 100 for cpu & mobo both, sorry if that is read like that, i'll edit it. It is, 100 for cpu & 100 for mobo. Lesser for mobo, if possible(i m sure).total spending on cpu & mobo both ~ 200$. Well i m not going for 3d monitor, as i have a crt -120 Hz refresh rate ( HP P1130 ), well enough for 3d (input from forumss.
  3. Agreed!! If you want to go 3d spend the bucks and do it right or stick with the good old fashioned non-3d !!!!
  4. Kriss,

    for a combined total of $200.00 I would go this route:

    Athlon II X4 640
    3.0 GHz x 4 cores.

    They are becoming dated compared to the intel line of cpus, but they are the best for the money in that range. - $99.00

    As for the motherboard, I chose a Gigabyte board. They are the only brand I have ever used, because the keep performing the way I want. I also chose mATX because you didn't specify your case.

    $ 80.00

    It's $20.00 shy, but there is no need to go over that.

    As for the video card, if you want 3d you have to have a good card. Period. Anything less than the 460 probably wont cut it (dx11 anyways). Save up for it.

    If you want to go the other route, check ebay for video cards, I've bought plenty off of there. Look for a cheap gtx 295 or 5870, neither will let you down.
  5. xtc28 said:
    Agreed!! If you want to go 3d spend the bucks and do it right or stick with the good old fashioned non-3d !!!!

    Guys, i m sorry,posted wrong numbers of currency, actually my currency is not $, so i mistakenly wrong posted 100 in place of 200$ . In fact it is - total 200$ for cpu & mobo both, better if mobo can save some bucks.
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