500 watt power supply with 14A on 12v rail??

Any idea what graphics card could run on this cheapo PSU?


I am specifically thinking of Radeon 4670 or 5670 or some NVIDIA equivalent.

If this PSU cannot handle them, I am thinking of buying a Radeon 5750 or 4850, and a power supply that can handle this system:

Biosta TA760G mobo
4gb DDR2
7.2K HDD
Athlon XII 635
A couple of fans and USB peripherals
+onboard graphics
+Radeon 5750/4850

I am looking to spend below 150 bucks for the set of a graphics card and PSU.
Any suggestions what could I do?
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  1. First, that's a 400 watt PSU. And mabe it will even put 400 watts. That 500 watt rating is a "peak" rating. Ignore it.

    Second, if you look really close at the label, the PSU has two 12 volts rails, one with a maximum output of 12 amps, the other 14 amps. Considering that it's a really cheap power supply, I really doubt if the total is 26 amps.

    Please find something a little better. I wouldn't put that PSU into your computer. :)
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