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I have a problem with a new build PC. After being off for a long time 8-12 hours widows 7 wont boot properly. It crashes while loading Widows and reboots. Newly updated Bios wont detect RAM 1600MHZ only sees 1333MHZ. If OC tweaked than 1600Mhz (but still get problem)Ran memtest - ok, did burn in of HDD and CPU - ok, did Dr Web live cd - ok. Have no idea what can be the problem.

MOBO: Asus P7P55D pro
CPU: i5 760
RAM: 2+2GB Partiot 1600Mhz
HDD: 1 T seagate
VGA: GT 465
PS: 750 W high Performance
OS: Widows 7 64-bit
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  1. rolli59 said:
    Follow this guide
    What is the brand and model of your PSU?

    I'm in the office now, but if I remember correctly Coolmaster GX-750W is the PSU brand and model.
    Also i followed your guide and most of the things i have tried.
  2. Here is a few things that might give you an idea of what the problem is.
    If I format the HDD widows works fine at that point, but it take a long time to install Widows 7 HP. When done, windows works if the computer is than turned off and left off for more than 8 hours, it boots with this a screen that has two choices "boot repair recommended" or "boot normally".

    if pick repair: goes into widows repair interface and tries to repair sometimes works, most does not (at this point 80 % of the time you can boot Windows)

    if pick normally: the windows logo begins to form and freezes half way through, where 2 sec later it reboots back to express gate and back to two choices.

    I beginning to think it might be drivers that effect this problem.

    Yesterday, I formated the comp but it did not boot at all from SATA1 so i placed the HDD into ESATA1 and it booted the DVD w/o problem and I was able to format the computer and reinstall Windows 7 (64 bit). So now i left the computer off, will return home after work no it's been over 10 hours so I will see tonight.
  3. Update: Still getting the problem so it's not the drivers i guess. Back to square one here i don't know what o do
  4. Memory is fine, HDD is fine, maybe it is the motherboard that is the SATA controller.
  5. left memtest89 on for like 5 hours came back with no errors, I dunno what else it can be.
    RAM is good, VDG is most likely good (ran a stress test 50 cycles, came back with no error), CPU came back with no error after stress test. And the HDD came back fine after chkdsk and widows had nothing on it that was corrupt. So that leaves mobo and PSU. Let me know if you have any suggestions
  6. rolli59 said:
    Memory is fine, HDD is fine, maybe it is the motherboard that is the SATA controller.

    Is there any way to check the mobo?
  7. belmont said:
    Is there any way to check the mobo?

    Not that I know of. Eliminating that it can be the PSU would be easier if you have access to another PSU or computer.
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