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Hello, I run Windows 7 64bit and I just installed and double checked the connections for a 1TB seagate HDD. I used a Sata connection to my 2 y/o MB and I had to get a converter for the 4pin to sata power. I tried different connecters and different sata ports in my MB.

It is not showing up in my Bios or Disk management, only my normal 250gb hdd.

Any suggestions?
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  1. no one going to take a stab at it?
  2. Guess Ill keep bumping till I get some help :/
  3. leh sigh. If its gets to close to the RMA time I guess Ill just send it back
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    If it's not showing up, sounds like Styela is right, it's dead. Can you take the SATA other WD off and put this one in it's place to see if it's the SATA Cable? Can you use the power that the other HDD is on?

    Give all the conenctions a tickle also, something could of jarred loose also.
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