New build, checke stickies but still no sure,gaming/extrem high budget

Hello everyone I have a bit of a problem: I want to upgrade my computer but I'm not that expert on doing that, I really want to change my machine since It's likely the second time I'm disappointed at my computer since it seems quite a bit "under" what should be standards of my build for gaming.

I'm an extreme minded gamer and I don't really have an issue with budget, of course less is better but I'd love to have a machine that isn't hampered by some bad pieces or something like that.I've read the guides checked some of the suggested builds though I'm still undecided and puzzled about some things.

First and foremost here's my current build and my troubles with this:

Cpu: INTEL Core 2 DUO E8400 3.0 GHz/ Skt 775/ Bus 1333Mhz / 6MB Box (overclocked to 3.4ghz,stable, low temps, using this cooler:ARCTIC COOLING FREEZER 7 PRO.)
motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro P45 S775 ATX
storage: maxtor sata 500gb 7200 rpm not sure but should be something like this(maybe a wd and not maxtor or whatever)
ram: 8gb(double order ftw...should have been 4 gb) CORSAIR DDR2 TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX 4GB (2GB x 2) CAS 4 (4-4-4-12 2.1v as advertised, working fine)
scheda video: Sapphire - HD5870 1024MB GDDR5 PCIE2.0 DirectX11 Game Edition
case: Antec Twelve Hundred
PSU: CORSAIR 620W CMPSU-620HXEU (modular)
monitor & resolution: IIyama 24" ProLite E2407HDS-1,1920x1080

Now my troubles are: I tend to play a lot of different games but mostly rts/mmorpg/other, so I'm having troubles judging from the classic benchmarks since you can just see l4d, cryysis, fps in general.Also I tend to find my pc quite bad. I have mostly troubles with fps, excluding ultra sc2 which goes for 50 fps but stutters down mostly to 30 and less I never had the pleasure to play a game with a good solid 60 fps constant(with or withou v-sync doesn't matter) and I've come to check why and seems my cpu isn't performing well or atleast some say so.You know I had on FFXI which is quite old troubles staying stable at 30 fps with 5 people+monster on screen.With kinda normal settings.Also on wow I never had the pleasure to do a 5 man instance with more than 25 fps or so.Yeah looking to a wall I have 60 fps quite a big deal...on sc2 it's the same, once I check a bit more units/things going on the fps drops badly.

I thought my 5870 could be faulty but still it seems to be fine, also I bought this quite back in the day so rma isn't an option but btw tried this on other systems, every pc with a better cpu/mobo/ram was just going better so I believe that's my problem.

If you know what I mean I damn want to have a pc that goes ATLEAST on sc2 + wow + ffxi maybe ffxiv with everything maxed(I never use AA tbh) and play that smoothly!Even heroes of newerth and league of legends have fps issues when too many things are going on, it saddens me.

what I was hoping for is an high end/extreme pc, I don't care if that costs 1k€ I just want to be satisfied.I'm not into extreme overclock though since I find bad having to just try it over for hours and hours.A gentle oc with a few tries it's ok, wasting days to get this working isn't.

My proposed builds are kinda not high end as I think you'll be suggesting me but I'll drop these anyway:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 black edition AM3 4x512KB (3.4 GHz) 125 W Deneb Box
motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD5 - 890FX / Socket AM3 - DDR3 1866(OC)/1333/1066 - PCI Express - ATX
ram: g skill ripjaws?I'm a ram newbie.
gpu: Sapphire - HD5870 1024MB GDDR5 PCIE2.0 DirectX11 Game Edition
storage: any good, GOOD ssd.Mostly around 60gb+ since I tend to have a lot of multi-gb games installed.If an ssd isn't the best option well...whatever it is.
case: Antec Twelve Hundred
monitor & resolution: IIyama 24" ProLite E2407HDS-1,1920x1080
extra: any high end air cooling system.If there's a simple water one which isn't a pain to install I might consider it.I never used a water cooling system tough.

or either...

cpu: AMD AM3 Phenom II X6 1090T (3.20GHz)
mobo: ASrock 890GX extreme3 (if that's not good:ASUS CROSSHAIR IV FORMULA AM3 890FX GBL/R/F/DDRIII (90-MIBCN0-G0EAY00Z) I mean whatever works just need to be the top)
ram: TEAM GROUP ELITE DDR3 4GB (2x2GB) 1333Mhz (as you can see I?m a ram newbie so help me out on this.)

As you can see I tried to not throw away all the pieces I have because I feel that case+psu+monitor+gpu should be good.Also because I feel they're not the problem but anyway...

give me some ideas and shoot high, I really mean it, I want a GOOD pc that can play games for some time at the top, and if that's upgradeable in the future even best.Don't go overboard on the prices though.As you can see I used amd since on the websites I check they were the cheapest one with the "best" performance as I've read.I really like an i7 super duper extreme cpu but if that means 600€ just for that we should stop and think about it...Ok extreme ok no budget problems but atleast talk me into it and explain why it would be better than a 300 cheaper one.

So to recap:

I want to buy a new pc probably mid of this week, or atleast in the near future, not more than a couple weeks, I have no real budget issues just don't go overboard.1k could be fine but if you're not breaking too high just threw the build at me, at best I'll narrow down the budget if I see too many expensive builds.If possible I'd like to use my psu+case+gpu+monitor, I don't need mouse/keyboard/optical drives, so just give me the skeleton of the pc.Overlocking nothing too extreme,I'm not a huge fan of crossfire/sli but if you feel it's worth and it doesn't bring troubles...I have already all software needed.

If you can find shops that ship in italy/have euro prices it's better.If not I can provide some from which I usually buy.

Thanks a lot in advance, I really need some help I'm getting sooo frustrated at having bought 3 pcs in 2 years to just have them suck at mid-high settings...
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  1. Meh gotta say I feel stupid, I was a bit in a hurry so I've read it and didn't notice the "copy& paste part"...I followed the guidelines but without the nice precise "grid" xD sorry guys.

    Approximate Purchase Date: around this week if theere's no genius reason to not do so.Like if something is coming next week that changes all...

    Budget Range: well around 600-1000€ even a bit more depending if you feel I need to upgrade everything or just some pieces.

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, I tend to overdo what I keep open(like 20-30 firefox tabs,msn, skype, chrome, thunderbird WHILE playing, so it doesn't need to get stuck by any reason.)

    Parts Not Required: If you don't feel those need improvements I'd say PSU,monitor,gpu,case,keyboard, mouse.Check my previous post on why I'd like to keep those

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I use usually or just random webshops here in italy, but anything that ships here and doesn't cost a awfull lot to do is fine.

    Country of Origin: Italy

    Parts Preferences: Anything works, I heard amd is cheaper+better than intel at low prices, but if getting an intel pc is best, who cares for the brand?

    Overclocking: Maybe,nothing hardcore.

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe, doesn't have to give me more troubles than good, I'm more towards no but not sure.

    Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080,

    Additional Comments: I want something that is really the best I can get at the moment without having to sell my house.I just want constant fps on most games, for reference I play 99% of my time sc2/wow/ffxi, and soon to be ffxiv/dota/league of legends/heroes of newerth, so nothing too demanding, but still, never had the chance to play everything on maxed(never use AA tbh) and have good fps.

    For any doubt my first post is the "extra" with all my mumbo jumbo about what I need/have/what I've considered XD
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