ATI RADEON HD 5750 and PSU Q's

Hi guys...I am completely computer ignorant so bare with me! My current PC is:

I know I only have a 300 watt PSU but from reading plenty of threads a majority say I should be ok running it on my system. I AM NOT planning on running the game (FFXIV) on High settings at all...i just want to play on medium settings and have it run smoothly.

Another thing I was reading was that I need some sort of 6 pin connector to power the card? I have no idea what that is, so in that link above can you tell me if I have that please?

Feel free to give feedback as it will be much appreciated. I will eventually upgrade the PSU but not anytime in the next couple of months.

P.S. My current card is the HD RADEON 4350 and I'm in the FFXIV Beta and only scored a 600 on the benchmark and when I actually am in game it is VERY delayed in response to the commands I'm telling it to do, and VERY choppy animation^^
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  1. I couldn't find anything in there about the PSU. You do need a 6pin power PCIe plug if you want to use that card. You might want to switch to either the 5670 or the 9800GT green edition cards if you don't have one, or aren't sure if you can safely use a 4pin molex to PCIe adapter. The 5750 doesn't need a lot of power, less then the 9800GT actually. You'll probably be ok but I have no clue.

    What CPU do you have?
  2. Not quite sure (if CPU - processor its an AMX Phenom II quad-core 2.8Ghz)

    But i may end up buying a 500 watt power supply they all come with that 6 pin thing?
  3. I would check the sticker on your PSU to see what the 12V rating is. I know the dell 305W is really good but it has a 6 pin PCI-E connector. If your PSU does not have this, it is a good indication you need to upgrade. They look like this.

    If you need to upgrade. I would suggest this PSU for $50 after promo. It will run any midrange card out there right now. It is also a good solid unit.
  4. Just checked and I have the Bestec ATX0300D5WC but i don't see the thing in that picture. And if i were to get a new PSU that has the PCI-E hard is it to put in? Do they all fit? and Do i install anything?

    I just really don't want to screw my PC up
  5. You can always take to a local computer shop and have then install if for you, but that can get expensive. Really is it just unplugging all the power cables in your computer and removing the current unit and installing the new one. They are held in by 3-4 screw on the back of you case. You just plug everything in where it was unplugged. PSU's are pretty universal unless it is a low profile PC.
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