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8800 GT 512 Mb SLI vs GTX 460 760 Mb (upgrade)

How much more power or performance gain from 8800 GT 512 Mb in SLI to a GTX 460 768 MB?
I just bought GTX 460 768 Mb to replace my old 8800 GT 512 Mb in SLI to enable/ use DX11.
Is it a good buy? I'll probably SLI my new GTX 460 too.
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    8800GT SLI vs. a single GTX 460 would give you around the same performance overall in most games.

    If you SLI two GTX460s then of course that would be nearly twice as fast.
  2. Right^
    Going from 2 8800GTs to 1 GTX 460 won't give you a huge boost in performance, adding another GTX 460 though will give you a noticeable performance increase
  3. Also, if you go the 460 route, I'd spend the bit extra and get the 1GB versions. Could mean the difference between highest settings and medium :)
  4. According to the benchmark that ElMoIsEvil provided the only big difference is the temperature.
    I gonna have to SLI my GTX 460 then.
    Thanks for the helpful replies.
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