Corsair H50 Push/Pull Fans and Pump Connection

Hi guys,

I'm using Corsair H50 with Push/Pull setting (exhuast fans) on X58A-UD3R. I see many different recommendations regards to the pump and fans connection and I'm not sure which to follow. I just want to maximize cpu cooling and not really care about fan noise (since I have 9 fans in my HAF X).
I currently connected pushing fan to cpu header and pulling fan and pump to system fan headers.
Shoud I connect my pump to cpu fan header or using 4 pin molex to PSU or leave it as is? If I connect this pump to cpu fan header, will it cause the cpu fan error message?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. To maximise the airflow of your fans you need them to run at full speed therefore you need to turn off things like speedstep and other fan control settings in your bios.

    As far as the setup goes I gues the best thing to do is try each suggested setup and check your temps to see which one keeps you cpu the coolest.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Pump to CPU header, this way, if the pump fails ,you'll get a fan failure warning.
  3. Thank you for replies.

    I will try different settings tonight and see which is best to lowering temp. But I have few questions.

    1. If I connect pump and pulling fan to PSU and leave push fan at CPU header (with fan control off), will this cause too much pressure and power on pump?

    2. Is my mobo controll the fan speed for all three system fan headers(not cpu fan)? I see one system fan header(right below the 3rd PCIe slot) is 4 pins and other 2 system fans headers are 3 pins.

    3. I just downloaded HW Monitor(CPUID) to check the fan speed and it shows the fan number with its rpm. Are these fan numbers matching with the actual fan header numbers on mobo?

    Please help me lol. Thank you.
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    1. Don't know, sorry

    2. The mobo controls fans connected with a 4 pin pwm connection.

    3. Should be, easy way to find out is to quickly unplug the fan while running and see which display drops to zero.

    Also HWmonitor and Speedfan may help you.
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  6. I use an h50 also. I use an antec 900 case. In other words my fans all have manual controls. I didn't use corsairs included fan. In my bios I set all of my mobos fan controls to be off. Basically in your setup, it appears you are trying to take use of your mobos ability to control fan speeds. The only fan your mobo will dynamically change in response to cpu temp should be the 4 pin fan. So which ever that is on your setup will be controlled by that.

    I honestly do not know how the mobo's speed controls would affect pump speed, hence why I turned it off on my setup. Also most mobo's can control system fan (3 pins), but change them based on system temperature not cpu temp. My question would be whether you are trying to maximize cooling, or acoustic performance, or get a mix. If you are going for cooling performance I would shut off your mobos fan controls (fans will run at max). If you are going for acoustic, the situation gets a bit trickier. If you want a mix, your current setup should work fine if I'm understanding you correctly.
  7. Thank you for your advise.
    I'm currently using the same setting, but just fan control off. so my fans and and pump runs at max.
    Since all my 8 fans runnig at max, it's little loud but I will keep my current setting for now. I might get a fan controller later if I get tired of noise.
    Again, thanks for your help.
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