Nvidia gpu and Amd chipset compatability questions

If this has been asked before I'm sorry, i didn't managed to find a similar thread.

I am planing to build a new system based on an amd cpu and an amd chipset (i have no access to nvidia chipsets).
for reasons beyond the scope of this thread i want to couple it with an nvidia gpu.

My question is this: is there anything i should know about coupling an amd chipset with a SINGLE nvidia gpu, i have no plans on installing a second card, and i just want to know if there are compatibility quirks, performance loss or driver issue that are known with this kind of configuration on a general scale.

Thank you all in advance :)
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  1. If you plan to only ever use one video card then there should be no problem at all, as long as you are aware that you will never be able to SLI the card at a later date, for that you would need a Nvidia chipset motherboard for an AMD CPU as you said yourself.

    A Nvidia card will work the same whether it is used on an AMD, Intel or Nvidia chipset motherboard.
  2. As long as your motherboard has the required slot and your power supply has enough amps on its sails for the graphic card, you are fine..
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