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hi guys, i m in hurry 2 buy a pc for 3d. :bounce: ,
i need yor suggestion bout selecting AMD's best tri core cpu with unlocked core. For gaming. trying 2 make it a high end end gaming, rest is my luck, if i secceed in unlocking the 4th core. i'll b using nvidia 3d vision also. i can spend approx. +- 200$ on cpu+mobo both. I can raise the cpu cost, bcoz, i guess mobo will cost upto 80$ (plz suggest a board capable of unlocking the core). so may b cpu (120-130$) & mobo (80$). hows it? I m trying for budget rig, not high end. so will hav 2 sacrifice somewhere, mayb in resolution or low fps in high end games.
otherwise any other solutions for bang of buck?
(Nyways, this thread mite feel to u like "read somewhere". i had started another thread, but there i mistakenly typed 100 $ inplace of 200. & that thread went in shambles. later i edited also but didnt get ny unlocked processor.) - kriss332
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  1. The best performing one for gaming would be the OEM 3.0 Ghz Phenom II X3 740 BE CPU.Pretty hard to come by as they sell out quickly.
  2. Thanks, & ny idea bout mobo & bios used for unlocking, which shud b suitable for using those quads.
    Anybody? Plz list few boards, so that i cud order any 1 available, as there is no microcenter over here,only pc selling shops. They too dont hav all the boards.
  3. Yoh, thanx simon. I think x4 955 is a better choice. Forget about trying the luck on unlocking an x3. After searching over unlocking kinda thing on - ,i discovered that mobos capable of unlocking the core are much costly. Now the thing remains to be checked is actual prices in our country. But i m guessing AMD prices r high in here. Will, let u know in 12 hours,confirmed from shop.
  4. So x3 740 wont hav bottleneck on most of the games, shud i take this as a conclusion?
    Or i shud go for ATHLON X4 635 and FIRE GL line of gpu ? Read in a thread, a guy (HOWITZER) using in his rig- . Thoug i havnt spoken to him yet.
  5. Also this article especially the gaming benchmarks which you mention.

    Part 1 How Many CPU Cores Do You Need?,2280.html

    Part 2 How Many CPU Cores Do You Need?,2373.html

    However a faster Phenom II X4 is obviously better performing than a triple core Phenom II X3 but performance does sometimes come at a higher cost.

    Economically speaking the Phenom II X3 740 BE is a great bang per buck whereas
    the Phenom II X4 955 BE is a lesser bang per buck but better performing.
    I obtained a X3 740 BE on sale ( a steal) for only $68.99 with free shipping.
    The Phenom II X4 965 BE even better and the 970 better still if you have the cash for it.
    If you have the extra money definitely go for a Phenom II X4 955 BE.
    You asked me about the most powerful triple core CPU and I gave you my answer previously

    There are some games that do take advantage of quad core CPU's and in these games there will be noticeable improvement over a triple core or dual core CPU.
  6. Fine, JJ463rd & malmental, thank u both.
    Now i m gonna f**k this bucks saving craze.
    Just plz help me out only with this
    - suggest me a suitable board which cud support x4 & x6 both,let it b Micro Atx. 1st i'll get a x4, Aftr some time i m gonna go for x6.
Seems like my race is ending.
  7. Unlocking an Athlon X3 is about 50/50 I got my X3 425 to unlock to a quad with the 6mb L3 cache.
  8. True, there is no guarantee that the core which has been locked will even function or not. Moreover all the boards cant unlock without proper bios,as i read- . I m not trying 2 teach u, but just for the reason that it cud help someone.
  9. Well, made my mind 2 quit abit habit of being miser, will go for x4. But guys plz dont forget about my mobo question for x4 & x6.
  10. if you want to be futureproof and knows a little about overclocking then go for the 1055t x6. its just the best bang for buck you can get ;) i know its not unlocked but it overclocks very nicely.
  11. Thanks alot guys, thanks for yor help. Really it gives a big relief in getting guidance from somebody knowledged. If my 3D rig goes successful, i m gonna start a thread of mine bout the rig and its success & any help i cud give 2 any starter, just 2 return my obligations (sorry if english is poor). Thanx for yor petience & help.
  12. Guys, guys, just a querry, a came across some reviews, saying that Athlon2 x4 635 is the the best processor now for 3D stuff,(at same price), designed specially for 3D rendering. Nyways i m going for a quad core only. Do u hold it better than Phenom x4 series?
  13. A AM2+ Phenom X4 (the first Phenom series) yes,A AM3 Phenom II X4 (like the 945,955,965,970 will easily beat it (the Athlon II X4 635) and so will a AM2+ Phenom II X4 940 BE too.

    Malmental I currently have 5 fairly recent AMD Desktop PC's (by CPU type)
    Phenom II X4 955 BE,Phenom II X4 940,Phenom II X3 740,Phenom X4 9850 (2 and 1/2 years old) and a Athlon II X2 desktop (very low budget)
  14. Man, what do u do wid so many machines? R there any humans also living in yor room or only machines?
    Well, so u hold Phenom x4 on par with Athlon x4.
    Went thru tomshardware benchmark,2414-7.html , 965 is worth getting.
  15. That's only about 1/10th of the computers that I currently have. I use to have double that number a few years back.
  16. I feel, all the benching is done with games like CRYSIS, L4D,FARCRY,GTA IV.,2414-7.html
    And these r the highest games 2day. But think that slight lower end games can b played in 3D with Phenom x4. I mean getting 62 fps on GTA IV, which is most CPU hungry game is equal to getting about 100 fps on rest lower games. Off course 2D wud b playable on this, but what u think bout 3D? Get 100 fps in 2D, becomes 70 after switching to 3d. Then 60 Hz for each eye dividing the fps in half for both eyes, that gives 35 fps for each eye. Am i calculating correct? Any editing in this?
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