How do I install windows on new SSD and reformat the old HDD?

I just bought a new 120 SSD for my operating system, and I plan on using my 1TB WD Black HDD for storage. I already have windows 7 running on the 1TB, so would I be able to install with the disks onto the SSD anyways? is there a way to delete the OS from the 1TB? How do I go about putting windows 7 on the new SSD and wiping the old drive clean? Theres no information I want to save on the 1TB. Thanks
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  1. You just need the windows 7 disk and the product key. Install the SSD, disconnect the HDD, and run the install. Then after that's done, plug the HDD back in and simply run a format from inside windows. Pay close attention to the drive letter, but since you don't need any of the files, that's not as big a deal. That's all it should take.

    Good luck
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