hello, ive just purchased an evga gtx460 sc 1 gig version however when i run evga precision it says, processor clock 1526 and the memory clock at 1900 is that right and what kind of fps should i be getting on bfbc2 and is the card a good buy? im runnin w7 32bit with 4 gig kingston hyperx ram, athlon x2 7750be oc,ed to 3gig, 700watt power supply.
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  1. It should handle BC2 without a problem on high settings, as for FPS,what resolution do you play at ?
  2. hello mazier ty for replying, 1440x900, the reason i am asking is because i dont seem to see a real difference from my old gts 250 card
  3. At that res your CPU is the limiting factor more than the GPU, regardless of OC.
  4. BC2 can run all threads on a quad processor efficiently.. Your video card is all good for the game.. Any problems caused by lack of proper hardware has to be blamed on the processor..
  5. mouse is right, on lower resolutions,game benefit from the CPU too,also on a resolution like 1440x900 a GTS 250 suffices and there is no need to upgrade to a GTX 460 unless you upgrade your monitor first IMO
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